Public Service Brings Joy

Public Service should be a joy. A joy for those who receive services and those who benefit, directly or indirectly. A joy for those who deliver and manage services. A joy for those decide what public services should be. Even a joy for those who pay for them.

There is a lot that could be improved about all public services, but here I want to concentrate on the joy they bring.

Serving others is a deep-seated and when it is done right can be a great source of fulfilment and satisfaction. Working hard, doing good meaningful work that helps others, working in a team to improve and solve problems. Who wouldn’t find joy in that?

For those who receive services that have a human touch, that recognise individual and family circumstances and met fundamental needs, public services can also be a joy. When you are in need of guidance, practical help, medical treatment, expertise support and yes, sometimes money, public services can be there to help. Public services can keep your head above water — physically, mentally, financially, practically. Services can point you in the right direction. They can lift you up to give you the opportunity to be your best self.

Many public services are almost invisible and yet our society would collapse without them. The people who work there know that what they are doing is essential and fundamental to our way of life.

All this brings joy.

And it gives me joy as I help those who create joy through the work they do.

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